Bare Walls

As I entered in my first own classroom, first thing I noticed was emptiness. How a classroom without students look: a deserted place. It is this deserted place that students will bring life into. I am looking forward to see how I feel about this room after students come. For past couple of days, I have been busy with all kinds of trainings. I am nervous that my room will not be ready in time. In the mean time, I am working on trying to find various ice- breakers and activities that promote group work. I will be teaching three classes of 7th graders. Our school starts on Wednesday and for two days you don’t get to see your students. Students rotate through classes and do various activities. Which reminds me that I don’t know what to do. New school, new district surely adds to the anxiety. I am hoping to blog regularly. As you can see/read, this post is more of trial, thought process post.