Week 1 & 2

So..looks like I am already behind in my goal of blogging daily. Realistically, if I could do it once a week that would be a good start. So lots have happened in two weeks. Students are kinda getting out of honeymoon phase and getting comfortable and I’m kind of relaxed too( I know I’m not on right track here). May be in a week or so I might need to reset classroom expectations. Speaking of which, today I had to write my first lunch detention slip. I felt bad. Bad about the fact that it’s too early in school year. And got me thinking if I’m losing control or authority in class and students are being way too comfortable with me. 

Now let’s talk about something good. I tried this activity from Justin Aion’s blog. I gave students  the exactly same problem to solve.  

I was very happy to see them engaged. They were really trying to figure it out. All three of my classes were totally into this problem.

Here are the snapshots of their work and thinking.


Day 1- Done 

It’s 11:00 pm and I am pushing myself to write a blog entry. I got inspired by  Justin Aion. I have been reading his blog for over a year now and he is very humble teacher. It is due to all the reading I do, I managed to have courage to have a public blog. I have learned that it doesn’t need to be a perfect day or lesson, for it to be blogged about. So with this blog I’m hoping to start my reflective journey as a teacher.

Today was an interesting day. For one, it didn’t feel like first day of school. May because I was in school for meeting/trainings/room set up for about two weeks. Or may be because I am not going to have my actual students till Friday. Our school does two orientation days, where kids attend different sessions throughout the day. Today I got to see some 8th graders. Tomorrow,  I will meet mixed group of 8th and 7th graders. So I might get to meet some of my 7th graders. I am going to just stop writing now and try to get some sleep. 

First Look 

Below I’m posting some pictures of my classroom. I know they are not exceptional,but I’m pretty impressed with myself. I don’t consider myself a decorating person and this looks pretty good to me. All thanks to Sarah Carter for uploading so many resources. I share room with another teacher so each of us have two bulletin boards. Here are mine:

Here is close up for both:

I am not sure about adding anything more to the above board yet. Maybe be as the year progresses, I will think of something. 

Below are math talks poster I got from one of my college friends. She did an amazing job at creating them. I wish our school had a color printer to enhance them more.

The above posters are courtesy of Sarah Carter as well.

I forgot to take pictures of classroom setup. Might add it someday. 

Thanks for reading.