Week 1 & 2

So..looks like I am already behind in my goal of blogging daily. Realistically, if I could do it once a week that would be a good start. So lots have happened in two weeks. Students are kinda getting out of honeymoon phase and getting comfortable and I’m kind of relaxed too( I know I’m not on right track here). May be in a week or so I might need to reset classroom expectations. Speaking of which, today I had to write my first lunch detention slip. I felt bad. Bad about the fact that it’s too early in school year. And got me thinking if I’m losing control or authority in class and students are being way too comfortable with me. 

Now let’s talk about something good. I tried this activity from Justin Aion’s blog. I gave students  the exactly same problem to solve.  

I was very happy to see them engaged. They were really trying to figure it out. All three of my classes were totally into this problem.

Here are the snapshots of their work and thinking.


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